Welcome to the Red Pill Chronicles, where we help awakening souls deal with a blue pill world.  Please join our host John Dennison to explore how to take an inner approach to your outer affairs so you can build a better life -- and a better world to live it in.

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Meet John Dennison

The views expressed here are those of your host John Dennison.  Lawyer.  Life coach.  Spiritual teacher.   And a whole lot more.

Called to awakening and wholeness after a past-live epiphany turned his life upside down, John shares a perspective on life you won't find anywhere else.

Based on a connection to an inner source of mastery within each of us, John sheds light on why we're here, how our world works, and what we can do to make it better.

He also offers consultations to expand your consciousness and ability to work with and within the energies impacting your affairs.


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