About Us


Our world is nearing the breaking point. Chaos, conflict and control abound. Greed and corruption are endemic, turning our environment and many lives upside down in the process.

Some, though, are not willing to go along to get along. They want something more, and hold themselves to a higher standard in trying to get it.

They believe in doing good, and avoiding harm. They believe in serving themselves, but not at the expense of others. And they believe in living in balance with nature, and at peace with the world.

So they  are turning away from the old and toward the new.

The old is the blind pursuit of power and profit regardless of who or what gets in the way. The new is the way of consciousness, where self-interest is balanced with the greater good of the whole.

It is the way of peace and harmony in a sustainable relationship with all they touch

We show them how.


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