We're here to help you meet challenges and solve problems in a better way — the way of consciousness.

Consciousness brings the best of our inner world to our outer affairs. It opens doorways to our inspiration, creativity and intuition. And it offers peace, purpose and possibility for those who use it wisely.

But it also offers paths to solutions, and direction through uncharted waters.

We can help you

  • get clear on your intentions, as well as the issues and interests involved;
  • recognize the energies, interests and agendas at work in your affairs
  • expand your awareness of their impact upon your life and what you want for yourself, as well as for others and upon the world around you.
  • evaluate options, see more possibilities and make better decisions
  • understand the hidden conditions and inner factors that make things the way they are
  • find your peace amidst the stress, struggle, conflict and chaos

and a whole lot more.

John Dennison is a recovering lawyer, life coach and spiritual teacher who empowers people to find peace in their time and create a better tomorrow.

His insights and perspectives are truly unique, and can help you chart a course through even the stormiest seas.

Let John help you seize opportunities, solve problems and deal with difficulties in a better way.

Meet John Dennison

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