John Dennison’s Speaker Profile

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john0234-croppedoptI practiced law for 35 years, fighting battles, solving problems and working to bring peace to people’s affairs.

However, a severe and extended illness cut short my legal career and turned my world upside down. While I’m now practicing again on a limited basis, I’m also laying breadcrumbs of my ordeal to help others avoid the pitfalls that nearly took me down.

To survive and recover, I had to draw upon all that I had picked up along the way. Throughout it all, my only prayer was, “They will be done.”

I guess it was, because I’m still here, returned from the living dead to share a path to peace and the possibility of a better tomorrow.

It’s drawn on an eclectic background of unique perspectives. Much is based on real-world experience developed over many years practicing law.

Others are pulled from years providing mission development and conscious leadership consulting.

Still more are drawn from insights gleaned from a lifetime of meditation, martial arts and qigong, some of which are shared in my book, “Whispers in the Silence – Living by the Light of Your Soul.”  For over 15 years I was writing and speaking to share ways we could stop the madness and bring peace to our lives — and to our world.

Then, I was led into the darkness, to face my own mortality and challenge everything I ever thought myself to be. Slowly I emerged from my hell.

Now I am back, bringing forth a message of hope, strength and direction through the difficulties that we all face, including the poisonous polarity over issues of governance and the conduct of our common affairs.

Interwoven with the lessons of my brush with death, I address the causal factors and hidden conditions that keep us in conflict, and lay out the path by which we might better negotiate the minefield of these challenging times.