John Dennison Full Bio

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john227-400-x-600_optHi, I'm John. Allow me to introduce myself.

After a long career as a lawyer was cut short by a severe illness and long recovery, I retired from the practice. Now I provide advice, coaching and advocacy to empower people to meet their challenges and build a better world.

There are many sides to me. They allow me to see and understand things from many perspectives. This is important to my clients because it empowers them to solve problems, resolve conflicts and overcome obstacles that hold them back

It's an eclectic mix that sometimes even I don't understand. But it's me, so here's a little snapshot for those who would like to know more.


On the Law and Business

I practiced law for 35 years (yeah, that's a lot!), most of that (since 1988) with my wife Laura in Dennison & Dennison, P.A. During that time I represented entrepreneurs and business owners in a wide variety of matters, both personal and business.

They included:

  • Shareholder, partnership, employee, and other contracts
  • Commercial transactions, and buying/selling a business or professional practice
  • Licensing and distribution agreements, franchising and intellectual property
  • Construction and development, commercial leasing and real estate
  • Corporate and regulatory compliance documents
  • Civil litigation
  • Estate and succession planning, wills and trusts

I was also a member of the Florida Bar's standing committee on computer law, having handled various technology-related matters over the years. I even wrote a chapter on living trusts and pourover wills for Lexis-Nexis' Florida Estate Planning Guide, and served on boards of directors for various schools and charitable organizations, too.


Additional Business Experience

My business experience extends well beyond those listed above. We started Dennison Management Group, Inc. (predecessor to the LLC under which we operate now) in the mid-'90s to provide computer and management consulting. I've also consulted on many projects to build a better world, like schools and intentional communities. Along the way I picked up and shared other skills, too. Web site development. Blogging. Book writing and publishing. Public speaking. Internet marketing. Not to mention having run several businesses of our own.


Spiritual Teacher and Peacemaker

jesus-making-peace-sign_optI became a student of the martial arts in college, an interest that continues to this day. They led me to meditation and the eastern philosophies, and just as importantly, to the study of energy (qi).

Around the turn of the century I had an ephiphany, a vision purportedly of a past life event that shook me to the bone. It set me off on a deep inner journey. I wrote a book (Whispers in the Silence -- Living by the Light of Your Soul) about the inner voice and our journey along the spiritual path. Its promotion took me on speaking tours around the country, where I connected with many wonderful people sharing their gifts in contribtion to our world.

Around the same time I started MissionLaunchsm to help others do their parts as well. Just as now, it shared ideas on how they could address the things holding them back and build better lives in the process. But always it was about listening to their inner voice and answering its call to make a difference in whatever form it inspired.

In 2006 I formed PeaceOptionssm. It was originally intended to be home for Laura's family mediation practice and my leadership consulting. But before that could be launched, I began blogging there on peace and how we can move beyond the differences that keep us apart. It's still going today, where I'm also joined with my family members to show people another way to conduct their affairs and provide them support to follow it.

I became something of a philosopher and social engineer, too. My ability to see the big picture and break it down into component steps manifested in a Blueprint for a New America, which I was beginning to offer when a long string of illnesses hit to interrupt my efforts.

All my work revolves around a simple concept -- that there is an intelligent force at the core of each of us, leading us to the experiences we came to get and inspiring us to add our contribution to the greater reality in which we live. Every soul is imbued with this power, along with the responsibility to put it to work.

My goal has been to show people how to tap into and use it. Its manifestation in action is the purpose behind MissionLaunchsm.



There's a whole lot more you can learn, too, if you visit my personal website or PeaceOptionssm. The best way is to read some of my articles there and here. Then you'll know where I'm coming from.

As I said, a serious illness and long recovery may have led to my retirement from the practice in 2013, but it hasn't stopped me from empowering you to do what you're trying to do.

That's why we're here. We've got tons of experience. Why not put it to work for you? I offer a free initial consultation to see if I can help.