Testimonials on John’s Programs

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Here are a few of the things they’re saying about John:

“Thank you for awakening to yourself, for knowing and understanding your journey and for your love for all this time.” – Marie E. Middleton, Pueblo, Co.

“John is a very peaceful and gentle soul; this was apparent throughout his willingness to share and be open with the audience during his presentation.” – Rose Jones, Pueblo. Co.

“A beautiful program on how to awaken my soul and fulfill my purpose in this world.” – Charlotte Zupan, Pueblo, Co.

“Inspirational insight given with sincerity.” – Bill Winkler, Pueblo West, Co.

“John is ready to take you to the place you came here to find. The approach is easy on the heart and the simplicity is profound.” – Darryl Schoenstadt, Phoenix, AZ

“John’s program really connected me to me.” – Fay Marley-Clarke, Scottsdale, Az.

“I am thankful for the additional information to help me love myself, find my mastery and then go on as the ‘we’.” –
Annetta Fredericks. Colorado Springs, Co.

“His words confirmed what I have been learning and inspire me to continue on my spiritual path.” – Monica Lemaster, Colorado Springs, Co.

“Very few teachers today have the insight and wisdom of John Dennison – his thoughts and ideas are truly new and enlightening.” – Gabriel Lawson, Monument, Co.

“John speaks very clearly in an easy to understand manner and covers a vast array of valuable information.” – Mary Jane Brandes, Manitou Springs, Co.

”Information is good!” – William Ayers. Colorado Springs, Co.

“I truly am grateful for the insight in the oneness of self and with others”. – Chiquita Isom, Colorado Springs, Co.

“I feel that I have been given a clear challenge to find my purpose.” – John L., Colorado Springs, Co.

“John has reinvigorated my energy and desire to grow spiritually, and to devote my life to service.” – Ken King, Colorado Springs, Co.

“It’s the truth that I have found. Like an echo.” –
Susie Fisher, Colorado Springs, Co.