Our Projects

Our Projects

MissionLaunchsm is where we empower a new wave of conscious leaders to balance people, planet and profit, and make the difference they're called to make. It is also home of our MissionLaunchsm Conscious Leadership Forumsm, where we train them in the principles and practices needed to build a better world. In addition,  we also provide consulting in problem-solving, conscious capitalism, social enterprise, ethics, sustainability and social responsibility. visit site



At PeaceOptionssm we speak out on the state of our society and other issues that steal your peace and hold you back from the life you want to live. There we also provide training and coaching in peace and personal development, with an emphasis on knowing yourself, connecting to source and using consciousness to find and deepen your peace. visit site


WhisperZone is our publishing and production arm. It is publisher of John's Whispers in the Silence,  as well as all our public service and training materials. WhisperZone also produces all of our audio and video content.  visit site