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WhisperZone is the site that started John's outreach on the inner voice and calling the awakening servers to action.  It crashed during his hospitalization, and remained offline during his recovery.  A new and improved version is now available where his different teachings on spirituality and self-realization are being posted.  Check it out.   visit site


MissionLaunchsm is where we empower a new wave of conscious leaders to balance people, planet and profit, and add their contribution to a better tomorrow.  It is also home of our MissionLaunchsm Conscious Leadership Forumsm, where we train them in the principles and practices of conscious decision-making, conscious capitalism, social enterprise, ethics, sustainability and social responsibility.  In addition, we offer mission development training in the skills and know-how aspiring servers need to turn their visions into missions that make a difference.  visit site



At PeaceOptionssm we offer perspectives on using applied spirituality to find peace in your time and change your world. There we have created a cache of materials to lay a path for peace and personal development, with an emphasis on knowing yourself, listening to your inner voice and using consciousness to find and deepen your peace. We also speak out on politics, systemic reform and other issues that can steal your peace and hold you back from the life you want to live. visit site