Welcome to the Red Pill Chronicles, where we help awakening souls deal with a blue pill world.  Please join our host John Dennison to explore how to take an inner approach to your outer affairs so you can build a better life -- and a better world to live it in.



In this episode, John lays out an overview of his system of cultivation practice and preparation through knowing yourself, finding peace and awakened service as you travel the spiritual path toward Oneness.

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In this episode of Red Pill Chronicles, John talks about the role of separation when traveling the spiritual path, and issues the awakening server might consider in moving through its world.

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In this episode, John Dennison discusses the sense of calling that is experienced by many on the spiritual path, and the various issues it raises for those called to turn their vision into some contribution to our reality and mission to make a difference.

We live in a world of conflict.  It’s everywhere we turn.

It steals our peace and threatens our future. And it seems like everyone wants to fight.

Yet somehow we have to move through these situations in ways that enhance our ability to advance on the spiritual path, rather than relegate

In this episode of the Red Pill Chronicles, John talks about our struggles in life and what they have to do with our journey of upliftment and return to Oneness.


Why You Struggle

Greetings.  I am John, and I am a disciple of the Light.

Today I’d like to share

In this episode of the Red Pill Chronicles, John Dennison discusses the state of affairs in our world, and what they have to do with you, your life and your awakening.


What’s Going On?

Hello, my friend.  Thank you for joining me.  Today we’re going to talk about the state of affairs in

In this episode of Red Pill Chronicles, John Dennison speaks on the relationship of your inner and outer worlds, and how to work with and within the energies that flow through you to shape your life and world.

Greetings.  I am John.

Today’s topic is Unleashing Your Inner Mastery.  But before

In this episode of the Red Pill Chronicles, John Dennison talks about God, religion and an approach to life and changing your world he calls radical spirituality. Give it a listen.

Give it a listen.  For those who want to read along, you'll also find the transcript below.

On God, Religion and

In this episode of RED PILL CHRONICLES, John discusses The Great Awakening, a worldwide socio-political movement to challenge a status quo that isn't taking us where we want to go.


Transcript: The Great Awakening

Hi, John here. Thanks for joining me today.

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In this episode of RED PILL CHRONICLES, John Dennison discusses this time of changes when we transition into the Age of Aquarius, and what it means to awakening servers with a contribution to make for our world.

In this inaugural episode, John tells the story of the epiphany that set him on the path of awakening to the inner voice, and what it offers to help you navigate a blue pill world.