Ep. 8 – On God, Religion and Radical Spirituality

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In this episode of the Red Pill Chronicles, John Dennison talks about God, religion and an approach to life and changing your world he calls radical spirituality. Give it a listen.

Give it a listen.  For those who want to read along, you’ll also find the transcript below.

On God, Religion and Radical Spirituality

Hi, I’m John Dennison, a disciple on the path of light. Most know me as a lawyer, peacemaker or spiritual teacher, but this is how I know myself.

You can read more about me and my work at PeaceOptions.com.


Before we start, I want to thank you for listening. It’s truly an honor to share this perspective on life in this reality. I have been sharing this message for the last 15 years or so — with little feedback or awareness of who receives it or how it impacts them.

And assuming, rightly or wrongly, that I had failed. It is your energy that nourishes me. It sustains me. It keeps me alive. But as you may know, for a long time I was denied that gift. And it nearly killed me.

But God kept me here, and sent Archangel Michael to keep me alive through a very difficult time. He picked me up from my death bed, gave me a strength and determination to recover I never knew I had, and eventually asked me to carry on with his work.

For so long it felt like I was talking to the wall. Even preaching to the choir didn’t help. For even they weren’t ready for the ideas I shared.

But now, just knowing some are listening, and sometimes sharing feedback, gives me heart to continue for as long as God allows me, despite all the obstacles erected to stop me.

In fact, this week I received a kind note from a listener in Poland who has been translating and sharing these messages there. I was overwhelmed, and if you’re listening now, I want to say, “Thank you.”

Just know that I am both grateful and humbled that you — all of you — would devote your precious time and attention to consider my words, for whatever they’re worth to you.

You are the reason I do this, so you can add your contribution to a better tomorrow. So thanks for being here, and for joining me on this journey of transformation.


Today I want to talk about God, religion and what I call radical spirituality.

Religion. It’s the source of some of our greatest joys. As well as some of the most egregious horrors we commit against each other.

It teaches us many things. Not just about God, but how to be better versions of ourselves. But it often also seeds us with ideas to justify doing harm.

Moreover, given the propensity of humans to fight to prove the primacy of their beliefs and impose them on others, religion is often used as justification for conflict and violence and the commission of acts that do harm to others and their right to go their own way through life.

This is why John Lennon sang, “Imagine no religion.” It’s also the reason so many who lack awareness of their connection to God turn to secular approaches, for they see religion only as a vehicle to foment discord and destruction.

The problem with religion is it’s passed down and interpreted by men, distorted by egos that see it through the filters of their own biases and beliefs.

Removing these filters is what we’ll start to do today.

We humans have a propensity to lock in to our own way of seeing things. And when we adopt an idea as our own belief, it becomes part of our being, so much so that we’re willing to fight to defend it. And sometimes, even to force it upon others.

Religion spreads an idea that there is more to life than we know, and that life does not end with the death of our bodies.

These ideas often come with suggestions or rules on how to insure we have the chance to experience life beyond death. These become the dogma of religious traditions, passed on from generation to generation.

Yet these teachings are not absolute, and are in fact seeded with elements that can take us farther from our destination, rather than toward it.

For religion is not all that it seems. That’s because it inherently creates conflicts within it, and within us, that we must discern as we progress toward our God, requiring us to make choices of how we will get where we want to go.

The ability to turn toward those that take us there, and away from those that don’t, is a trademark of the spiritual adept, reflecting advancement on the path of our own spiritual journeys.

It develops naturally as our experiences lead us to question our reality and the rules religion would have us live by.

Yet the answer is not to evolve beyond religion, but rather to see religion in its rightful place, as a means to take us to the common end that we all seek — life after death.

That means seeing religion as it truly is, taking off the restrictive blinders our egos impose upon it.

For religion is based on half-truths. On the one hand it gives us teachings designed to take us closer to God – our Source. And on the other, it’s seeded with commands that pit us against each other, or try to control us through fear, at the same time erecting barriers to our wholeness.

Perhaps that was considered necessary in an earlier time, but now we can make another choice, and see our lives and time here on Earth a different way.

If enough of us do, not only can we change our lives and how we relate to others, we can maybe even take our world in a different direction as well.

And in doing so, begin to move beyond the conflicts that have plagued our world since the beginning of civilization.

So choose what direction you’re going to go.

Will you move closer to God, and to your fellow man at the same time? Or will you follow those teachings that block the way and drive us apart?

This is where we start.

It is the place most religions ostensibly want to take us – to the cultivation of the ego.

Building character.

Doing good.

Caring for others.

Being kind and loving.

Being responsible, forthright and trustworthy.

These are desirable traits for a civilization so people can live together.

But they also prepare us on an energetic level, aligning our energies and while diminishing discordant ones.

All of this brings us closer to our souls, where we know ourselves as one with all that is.

It is through the inner voice that this connection is made.

To put it in electrical terms, we’re completing a circuit so the energy of Source can flow directly through to the ground of our reality.

To put it in spiritual terms, the ego steps aside so the soul can speak. And eventually, so the soul can act directly.


But seeded into our religions are beliefs that play upon our fears and desires. These beliefs are too often used to justify doing bad things that, often in the name of our God, take us farther away.

You see, we live in a polarized universe. Duality is one of the immutable laws of this system of reality. None of us can escape it.

We all have a point of balance within our being between good and bad, light and dark, soul and ego.

We’ll call this our Personality Quotient.

It is the point of balance of our Personality that defines the quality of our character that we show to the world and use as we conduct our affairs.

This point of balance in some tends toward the darkness. Those that go too far in that direction we know as evil.

Those who tend toward light we call good.

Few are all of one extreme or the other. Those who are are truly beautiful – or frightening – to behold.

Yet there are variations within us as well. For in one part of our lives we might be seen as good, while in another part quite bad. And even those may vary from time-to-time.

It is the sum total of all our attributes that go into our establishing our point of balance.

It is this point of balance that determines the perspectives and perceptions of our lives, which in turn determine how we’ll make the choices before us, and gather the experiences they bring.

In short, there’s good and bad in each of us.

Regardless of where we are, we have the ability to raise our level to some degree. Doing good deeds can help, and create positive karma for future lives.

Likewise, doing bad deeds can lower it, and set up energetic echoes that haunt our future selves.

The wonderful thing about life is that it doesn’t force us to go either way. It allows us a choice how to deal with our inherent duality, so we can set course to where we want to go.

Somewhere along the line I heard it described this way. There are two wolves that live within us. One is good. The other is bad. Each is vying to take control of our lives. Which one will win?

The one that we feed.

The choices of our lives are the food we give them. Our intention is the direction that guides those choices. Consciousness is the means we shape our intention. Together they allow us to consciously evolve, to change our point of balance from wherever it is to wherever we want to go.

So, where do you want to go? Toward self-interest and serving the darker aspects of your personality? Or toward the light and your connection with God?

Yet, regardless of our point of balance, we all can connect with God through our inner voice. That’s how we’re made. But drawing upon the energy of Source without first cultivating the ego results in egoic distortions that can turn good intentions into horrific results.

Therefore we must be ever-cognizant of our point of balance, and upon which side of the scale our lives are lived on.

This is why I encourage all of your to undertake the energetic cultivation of your own egos as you begin to listen to your inner voices. Cultivation allows that point of balance to shift toward the positive, and quiets the inner chatter that interferes with our ability to hear it.

More importantly, cultivation is what empowers us to make those choices, rather than living in knee-jerk response to the inner impulses that well up from the depths of our egos.

In a sense, cultivation soothes the savage beast, the Leviathan we keep locked deep in the recesses of our darkness.

If you ever saw the old ‘50’s movie, Forbidden Planet, the Leviathan is like a monster from the Id that we unleash upon an unsuspecting world when things get out of control.

It is this Leviathan that lives within each of us. Only cultivation can tame it. And only cultivation can make it want to be tamed.

I wrote about cultivating the ego to hear your inner voice in Whispers in the Silence. I think it’s only available right now on PeaceOptions until I figure out how to restock Amazon; since my distributor went out of business. If any of you know, please drop me a line.


Religion is a form of cultivation. It brings us closer to the place where we can hear the whispers of our inner voice. It starts the preparation and weeds out the parts of us that interfere.

Tolerance, and living in peace with, other religions is essential to that process. For to do otherwise risks denying us access to our inner connection to God.

This is the purpose of spirituality — to bring a perspective less tied to the individual religious paths and one more open to the overall process and objective — connecting with God.

Yet, spirituality is a path too often traveled alone, denying believers the application of those beliefs through community and connection in the course of their lives and the conduct of their common affairs.

The inner voice changes all that. It’s why I call it radical spirituality.

Because you quit living life the way you want, and you begin living it the way you’re guided within. It’s a totally unstructured way to live, at least to the extent you’re not tied to a time clock or need to conform to the demands of your particular career or lifestyle.

It’s sort of a scary way to live, at least until you embrace the freedom it gives you. For you realize you’re not in control of anything, so you give yourself up to God to lead you to whatever is next while you do what you do now.

Living this way in essence puts us in partnership with God, making us instruments of His will. Thy will be done.

But our part is not simply as a machine to do his bidding. It’s more like a dance, where we are willing participants following his lead, reveling in the music and movement while adding our own energy and creativity.

It is this very process that is behind the Sufi’s in their dance, a form of active meditation so intense that many have referred to them as “whirling dervishes.”

Have you ever heard the term, “As the spirit moves me?” Well, that’s what you’re trying to put to work all the time.

When you start hearing your inner voice, it may set you to work. It may even give you some mission to perform, turning you from sleepwalking traveler into an awakening server.

If this is happening to you, you might want to stop by and visit me at MissionLaunch.com. That’s because we’ve got a world to change, and your role is an important one to make that happen.

At first the inner voice comes as just a nudge or idea. But after a time, as it’s unleashed it can be more like a river rushing toward some unseen destination, and you’re in a canoe holding on for dear life. Paddling upstream is not an option.

Yet, being within its flow brings pure joy. Ask any athlete, musician or writer how it feels when they’re in the flow. It is this feeling the inner voice can bring to our whole lives when we immerse ourselves within its call.

It is the inner voice through which the soul seeks expression as it paints upon the canvas of our lives.

Living in the flow of its light is the objective. But to do that means getting the ego out of the way.

Not because of rules and dogma. Not because of suppression of our baser instincts or bending or darkest aspects to our will. But because the ego voluntarily steps aside to become one with the soul, and connecting through it to God.

This is where our world can go. And so can you if you try.

You first have to want it and seek it for yourself.

But you can’t fake it until you make it.

No, you have to feel the urge well up deep within you. Those who follow the path hear of many stories of disciples who were not called to awaken, and instead sought enlightenment by their own force of will, only to fall back, brought down by the seeds of their own fears and desires that still took root within them.

But when you do hear the inner whispers, you must follow. It will not be easy at first. There will be many choices along the way.

For following your inner voice is not always conducive to living the life you think you want for yourself. It depends far more on the experiences it needs from your life, and the role it calls you to play in the world.

Yet, your own individual desires are seeds planted to lead you toward those experiences, just as your fears are the sticks used to drive you there. At least, so long as you don’t allow them to pull you toward the dark side.

Use them. But don’t be controlled by them. They are simply guideposts. As always, you must choose which way you will go.

Accept yourself as you are. For that is how you have created yourself to be. But never stop working to become what you want to be – a willing, active servant of the whole of what you are.

This is the world that is promised to you. This is the Golden Age I speak of, where peace and prosperity will ultimately reign.

But to find it, you must choose.

Will you be radical?

God bless you indeed. I am John.