Ep 9 – Unleashing Your Inner Mastery

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In this episode of Red Pill Chronicles, John Dennison speaks on the relationship of your inner and outer worlds, and how to work with and within the energies that flow through you to shape your life and world.



Greetings.  I am John.

Today’s topic is Unleashing Your Inner Mastery.  But before I begin, just a quick reminder that if you need help dealing with your awakening or adding your contribution, I offer consultations to bring perspective to your journey and help you get clear on your next step.

Whether that involves learning to work with your inner world, or addressing the things that impact your outer one, I’ll try to help you see the issues and obstacles more clearly, and how you might move through them in better ways to get where you’re trying to go.

Consultations can be scheduled through any of our websites, including WhisperZone.org, which is the flagship of my inner teachings. By way of background, WhisperZone is where I started sharing the message of awakening to our journey along the spiritual path after I wrote Whispers in the Silence.  

Like me, it crashed when I went into the hospital and I thought it would be allowed to die a silent death like the one that almost overtook me.  It stayed like that for a long time while my focus was directed to ramping up MissionLaunch and starting these Red Pill Chronicles.

Alas, though, God wouldn’t let me let it go.  Instead, I was guided to gather together my teachings on awakening and knowing yourself, so other awakening souls would have a place of refuge and renewal as they dealt with a harsh and unforgiving world.

So I recently rebuilt it, and am now in the process now of loading it up with content to help you on your journey.  Just think of it as a place where I lay breadcrumbs you might follow should you need help along the way.

Anyway, if you need more of a hands-on approach, you’ll find a “Schedule Consultation” link there you can use to book a session on a day and time that works for you.  

So, with that out of the way, on with the show.

Inner Mastery.  It’s a simple way to refer to the possibility that there is something more to you than you know, that has the power to affect how you create and live your life.

We could just as easily call it God.  Or the Tao. Or your soul or higher self.

What I’m referring to is the source of your existence, not only in this 3-dimensional linear reality, but also your eternal life in what you might think of as spiritual dimensions, or non-linear reality.

Spiritual teachings throughout the ages have each described this non-linear reality differently.  Heaven is as good a term as any for this afterlife, though it comes with certain prescribed notions of what it is and how we get there that may or may not necessarily be so.

Whatever it is, however it works, wherever the source of your being dwells, is less a concern to us in linear reality than simply the concept itself.  Or more precisely, the POSSIBILITY of a life in a non-physical world that knows no death, no separation, and no lack. All is one, and one is all, even while retaining the individual identities we know ourselves as here.

Some people consider this non-linear, non-physical reality the place where the soul “goes” after death of our bodies, though in the way I perceive it, we already exist there concurrently with our physical reality in this world.

So for purposes of our discussions, assume we exist in both worlds — a non-physical reality we’ll call a spiritual dimension, as well as the linear three-dimensional reality of our physical world.

This physical reality is one of separation, not wholeness.  Separate from our inner selves. Separate from our source. And separate from each other.

I call it linear because unfolds one moment after another in linear fashion through the experience of time, an unbroken string of moments tied together to give the sense of change, of evolving from when it starts at birth until it ends upon our deaths.

Our existence doesn’t end, however.  Whatever we are in our non-physical reality continues on after the death of our bodies, including awareness of the personalities and lives we’ve lived here in the physical.

Still, even being told that or glimpsing it through meditation, lucid dreams or near-death experiences, we’re left to wonder — and fear — whether the end of our bodies means the end of us as well.

It is this uncertainty that causes us to squeeze every drop of living out of our lives, and the will to extend them as long as we can.

So recognize that will to live in you.  Honor it, for it provides the color and context for the experiences your life brings.

We will refer to these intangible aspects of as your Inner Self, that portion of your being that exists in non-physical reality, and your Outer Self, being the Ego, personality and identity you commonly know yourself as.

Yet this Outer Self is not technically part of the outer, physical world.  You can’t feel it. You can’t see it. You can’t touch it. But you know you exist here.

As Rene Descarte said, “Cogito, ergo sum.”  I think.  Therefore I am.

Your mind and identity are caught in between worlds, turned outward toward the physical reality, yet most of the time exist blissfully unaware of the inner self behind it all.

You can think of this inner world as one of pure energy — an energy inherently vested with intelligence — that flows through you into your linear reality to create and influence the experiences your life brings.

Most of the time this energy works in the background, well beyond the perception of your senses or the awareness of the mind through which your Outer Self operates.

It creates, as some might say, fate — the sense that your life is guided by some invisible hand, playing out according to some pre-ordained plan, in a process also known as pre-destination or kismet.

As you begin to work with your inner world, however, you’ll soon discover that fate is not set in stone.  Rather, it’s more a set of possibilities among which you choose, each in turn leading your life in a different direction to a different set of experiences.  Or not.

So your future is malleable. Fate simply sets in motion the possibilities.

You made the choices — whether consciously or unconsciously — that brought you the life you’re now living.  And you will make the choices that will set in motion the life you want to create for yourself or others.

Your choices, as well as the inner conditions within your Outer Self, such as your thoughts, fears and desires, are the means by which you direct the creative energies flowing from your Inner Self.  In a very real sense, they filter the light that flows into and through you, so that all you see and encounter is shaped by how you see things and the distortions imposed by your ego upon that flow.

It is through them that you exercise your responsibility as a sentient being to get the experiences you came for, and interact with others as they create and experience their own — experiences that are necessarily distorted by your own egoic filter so that you will create and get the experiences you came for.

Awakening expands your awareness so you can uncover these filters for yourself and address the inner conditions that keep bringing you more of the same experiences.  But as consciousness expands, it empowers you with greater choice over whether to allow them to continue to work, or to change them, and by so doing change the nature of the reality in which you live, and how you relate to it.

At some point, consciousness expands to a level where we can understand how these filters shape our lives, setting in motion new possibilities for how we will conduct ourselves within our reality.  Rather than being simply reactive to whatever reality serves up, we discover that as we act upon these filters, we have greater choice over what plays out, and how.

Choice, then, allows sentient beings to access the power of possibility to set these energies to work, and allows the situations to unfold that bring those experiences.

This choice is truly an innate gift from our Creator to become active participants in our reality, than simply exist as leaves blowing in the winds of fate.  It is endowed upon all souls incarnate, regardless if they know how or why to exercise it.

This power of choice we know as FREEDOM — the freedom to choose how we will engage our inner world, as well as how it interacts with our outer one.  It is the fundamental principle upon which our universe exists, notwithstanding outer circumstances that create the ILLUSION that there’s nothing we can do to change things more to our liking.

But you can only choose that which you can see or envision, and believe.  To have choice, you have to have consciousness — the awareness and presence of mind to select among the possibilities presented.

It is the expansion of consciousness that allows you to see more possibilities from which to choose, the perspectives from which you see them, and the perception of what they are and mean to you.

It is consciousness through which you set your direction, at least to the extent you are able within your life plan.

It is consciousness that allows you the choice of where to turn your attention — outward to the linear, physical reality, or inward toward the non-physical spiritual reality.

It is this bifurcation of attention — turned both outward and inward — that marks the process of spiritual awakening.

Some turn completely away from the physical, like the ascetics, monks and mystics who renounce the fruits of the flesh and focus only upon the god-self within.  

Others are totally oblivious to their inner world, and get so caught up in their outer one that they have no time, interest or ability to even consider there is more to life than the physical reality in which they find themselves.

I don’t want you to pursue either extreme. Rather, we’re focused here on the interaction of your inner and outer worlds, how to draw upon the inner energies to shape the life you’re living, and how you experience and process it.

Now, we can have a clear intent to become or do something in particular, or to experience a particular benefit or result of our efforts.  And sometimes that’s exactly what we should be doing, working with intention to direct the energies and the process of creation.

That, however, means the outer self of the ego takes priority in the determination of our life path.  But we all know that darkness and evil exist in our world, conditions that exist where our egoic filters don’t allow the inner light to shine, or distort our perception into something totally unrecognizable to the Inner Self that set it in motion.

And when it doesn’t, hidden conditions within the outer self can filter and distort not only how we perceive our outer world, but also cause us to focus so intently upon us and what we want for ourselves that excess selfishness and harm can result.

Rather than get so caught up in the affairs of the ego that the light cannot work as intended, I encourage you to consider is that there is a plan in place playing out to guide your life, and that your job is to learn to work with and within that plan, growing ever closer to your source and the place where you can more effectively remove your filters so you can better direct those energies and have more choice over your affairs.

This is the process of knowing yourself and what you and your life are all about.  It is the path of awakening.

Understand, though, that you don’t have to make these choices in the dark.  Your inner self is in constant communication with your outer self, whispering in your ear so to speak, to guide you through the process.

This communication is through your inner voice, and the thoughts, feelings and situations it brings.

Unfortunately, most of the time we have no idea it’s even happening.  Talk about oblivious!

We stumble around in the dark, bumping up against every obstacle in our path, our egos blinded to the light, making choices with little idea why they’re created or what they might bring.

So I encourage you to get to know your inner voice and how to work with it.  Your inner self is waiting to guide you through the process. It wants you to awaken to all that you are and show you how to become whole.  That’s why I wrote Whispers in the Silence, which you can find at PeaceOptions.

But we’re interested in far more here than just our own spiritual awakening.  

If you’re like most people, what you want to know what every ego does — what’s in it for you in this life, and how do you get it for yourself?

Even then, however, I hope your motivation is to find the wholeness that comes with balancing your inner and outer worlds, rather than simply get caught up in the pursuit of your own desires or avoidance of your fears.  Otherwise, your filters will remain intact, and with them comes the risk of sliding deeper into the darkness and wasting the opportunity for advancement offered by this life.

Of course, that is the life path created for some to follow, to experience the shadows and life without the light.  But we’ll assume that’s not you, at least not now in this moment.

Instead, the intention I hope you’ll adopt is to work as partners with God so that you can allow the inner energies to flow as your soul intended, while expanding the consciousness with which you set your intentions and put them to work.

There are many teachings to guide you through this process.  That’s the purpose of religion and spirituality, to bring you closer to God by taming the ego and balancing its focus to serve both it as well as the source from which you came.  

At least, that’s ostensibly the spiritual purpose behind it, before being distorted by those who would use those teachings to control the masses or advance their own interests and agendas.

It is up to you as an awakening soul to discriminate among those teachings and adopt those which expand and empower you toward your wholeness, and avoid those that would bring you greater separation or cause you to do harm in their name.

Your ability to do so is a reflection of where you are on the path of awakening and the life plan of your inner self.

As we move forward together in future episodes, we’ll go into this process in more detail to help you develop your vision and the skills with which you apply it.

For now, I just want you to realize you are so much more than you know yourself to be, and the possibilities it offers to create and experience your life in new and better ways.

For when it comes down to it, life is all about the experience.  So live yours well.

Just remember.

You have a choice how you will create and gather those experiences, and what you’ll do with them in the days ahead.

Choose wisely.  The world you change will be your own.

God bless you indeed. Go with love.  I am John.