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“Life is all about the experience.”

“How can you expect others to value you and your life if you don’t value theirs?”

“The means to get where we want to go isn’t by fighting to assert our wills over those who get in our way. It’s to understand and weave our way through the inner and outer attributes that make us both the way that we are.”

“The roller coaster of change is accelerating. Each of us must decide whether we will ride holding on for dear life, or throw our hands up and squeal with excitement.”

“Peace is a vibration that exists within each of us, instantly available simply by calling it forth and placing our attention upon it.”

“How you meet your challenges affects not only you, but also everyone whose life you touch. What is the impact you want to have?”

“A voice whispers inside each of us, calling us to know ourselves through the experiences we came for and to follow it to our peace that waits within.”

“We are so much more than we know, and when we discover it we can make life so much more than it is.”

“Reality is created for us to better know ourselves and our relationship to all that is.”

“The systems and institutions upon which our civilization is built must evolve or be replaced by new ones that better reflect our expanding consciousness.”

“As we awaken to who we are and what we’re all about, sooner or later we come to a choice — what will we do with what we find? Will we hoard it only to serve ourselves, or will we also allow it to serve the world as well?” – John

“To build a new world, change the way you see the one you’re in, and upon those new perspectives lay a foundation of principles and practices to support the one you crave.”

“History is a story chronicling the evolution of human consciousness. How will we write the history of our future?”

“Alone there is only so much we can do. Together there is no limit to what is possible.”