Small Business Consulting

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We consult on a wide range of legal, business and creative matters to help solopreneurs and small business owners develop their missions and overcome the obstacles that block their way, so they can make the difference they’re trying to make. Some of them include:

  • solving problems and overcoming obstacles
  • business and marketing plans
  • web site function, design and content strategies
  • ethics,┬ásustainability and social responsibility
  • conscious leadership training
  • mission development (how to do what you want to do)
  • finding a way

While we have an extensive range and depth of experience to draw upon, we don’t impose our views on your situation or ram a one-size-fits-all solution down your throat.

Rather, our goal is to empower you to see things in new ways so you can consider more possibilities and have greater choice over where you’re going, and how you’ll get there.

Contact us to discuss your needs and situation, or those of your mission. The world you change will be your own.