Lightworker Mission Coaching

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Lightworkers are a special breed.  They are the vanguard of a new beginning for mankind, sent to show others the way while adding their love and light in unique contributions to advance the Divine Plan on Earth.

But their efforts do not always come easy, especially for the pioneers trying to bring spiritual gifts to a mainstream world.

Struggle and lack are too often their lot as they selflessly work to add their contributions, only to meet failure and frustration at every turn.

We're here to help.

We offer mission coaching to empower you to:

  • break through obstacles;
  • see new possibilities to have more choices on where to go and how you'll get there;
  • focus on the consciousness that enervates your mission and how it manifests in your affairs;
  • get clear on your intentions and the inspiration that motivates them, and
  • deal with the inner conditions that impair your efforts to make a difference.

It is a process that can examine nearly every aspect of your life and mission so you can better see how your experiences serve the evolutionary journey of your own soul, and empower you to make the shifts necessary to more effectively change your world.

Together we'll examine your mission blocks and uncover why they're there. And most importantly, we'll help you break through them to make things better.

You're working hard to help others. Let us help you help yourself, too.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help address the issues impacting your service of a higher calling and the life it's bringing you.



We highly recommend you brush up on your basics if you have time.  We've created a ton of free resources at our sister site PeaceOptions, where you can find materials to assist in your awakening on:

  • Knowing yourself
  • Finding your peace
  • Changing your world
  • Listening to your Inner Voice
  • Spiritual perspectives 
  • Making a Difference
  • The Awakening Manifesto

In our coaching, we'll hone in on those most applicable to what's going on in your life and mission.  By reading, you'll have a greater understanding and ability to apply what we cover.